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SEO Training

Nowadays, SEO is efficient marketing tool and is the highest obvious and accurate measurement. It causes organizations and businesses are interesting in SEO in order to advertisement, public relation, and promote their own image, social assistance or other business benefits widespreadly. It is much suitable for website owner or people who interest in website promotion by themselves, both a marketer and a website developer. We guarantee that you get from our SEO Training in every time is you can make your website on a top rank of search engine easily, quickly and efficiently by yourselves. Moreover, you also learn about many SEO tools and techniques which SEO experts in promoting website and cause to organization’s success countlessly and you have knowledge sharing with newcomer entrepreneurs within a cosy atmosphere. You will be funny with new knowledge at here only!

SEO training course (30 hours : 5 days)

  • The 1st- 6th Hours

    • Introduction to Online Marketing
    • Principles of Search Engine
    • Online Marketing Planning
    • Marketing Plan Programming
    • Workshop
  • The 7th- 12th Hours

    • Introduction to Keyword
    • Important Factor of Online marketing
    • Factor of Website’s Rank
    • Importance of Webpage
    • Workshop
  • The 13th- 18th Hours

    • Principles of SEO
    • SEO On Page Optimization
    • Importance of Content’s Website
    • Suitability of SEO On Page
    • Workshop
  • The 19th- 24th Hours

    • Internal Links
    • External Links
    • Link exchange for Online Marketing’s Efficiency
    • Procedure of Link exchange
    • Workshop
  • The 25th- 30th Hours

    • Online Marketing Following
    • Principles of Google Analytics
    • User Analytics (Google Analytics)
    • Google Analytics with Google Webmaster Tools
    • Workshop

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