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SSL Certificate Secure Socket Layer Protocol (SSL)


SSL: Certificates Secure Socket Layer Protocol

Nowadays, the internet becomes to an important communication and also is a main media for business, trading, and administration because it is convenient and quick. Consequently, there may be some defect to browsing and accessing to use sending and receiving an important data via internet system, if this data has not been store with a good security system. SSL Certificates Secure Socket Layer Protocol is data security system for a premium website. This system is proper to an E-commerce website that has credit card payment, money and banking website and a website which highly emphasize to data transfer that there is login username and password as web E-mail, intranet, a website which is consisted of important data or inside information that need high security or must use within an organization etc.

Specially!SSL Certificate Secure Socket Layer Protocol and UIP (Unique IP) service Only 5,600 baht per year isn’t included with VAT)

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