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Chaiyo Hosting Company Limited and our business alliance which is one of the top ranked of the web technology company in Thailand are ready to service on software, ready web, or online payment gateway both design and development by new generation teamwork who is ready to service for 24 hours.


Nobug Software Company Limited

The company that service on information technology (IT) consulting and development for Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) by taking their primary open source and adapt to your business requirement high efficiently.

Purpose of hosting as Jaidee is the web hosting provider that is prominent on cheaper cost, more space, more quality, and better service attention from our profession teamwork. of Chaiyo Hosting Company Limited is created from our idea and experience on web design service. We have discovered that many customers want to occupy own website but they can’t do because they think that the cost of website design is too expensive. For this reason, we have an idea for Chaiyoreadyweb that is ready web service for an ordinary people and a company who wants to occupy own website on reasonable cost and usability following to their requirement.

Everyone can have a perfect website easily by instant template service which is beautiful design and easy-to-function, it can help to save your time and money on design very well. It is suitable for everyone who wants to have a perfect website in order to support your business or private and is not complicate with web design.

It is very easy to be on a top rank of Google for your website. We are SEO and Google Adwords making provider. We are ready at your service and can be your consultant on online promote website. Your website will be on a top rank of a result on search engine.

SMS Marketing or Online SMS Services, the marketing which is small investment but is accessible to real target group everywhere. Only you have a mobile phone. It is easy channel to boost your business growth efficiently with SMS sending via website. The SMS sending is a marketing service that is convenient, quick and save both expense and time for communication.

ChaiyoPay is convenient and sure on every payment. It is supportable service on E-payment with a credit card via K-Payment Gateway of Kasikorn Bank Public Company Limited for our online shop members which sell product and service via member shop’s website.

If you would like to buy or sell the real estate, you can announce your advertising on Our website,, is the center of announcement for real estate that you can announce for selling and hiring following to the categories.