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Cloud MongoDB “NoSQL Database”

Cloud MongoDB (The Thailand’s first provider to service Cloud Mongodb Hosting)

MongoDB is NoSQL Database, the data structure is different from general database. The advantage of MongoDB is the performance to write the data faster than general database. In the working type that especially write more data such as collect log always in real-time and huge data so using MongoDB is better choice.


Why "Cloud MongoDB" ?

MongoDB is Document-Oriented Database , the data storage is look like JSON. One of the advantage of MongoDB is Row , each row is not enforce the same data structure so storable many types of data without changing Schema. Spec of Cloud Server is RAM 64 GB. 16-Core CPUs


The advantages of "Cloud MongoDB"

  • Storage with document type
    Storable with the pattern of deep and wide structure. And more dimension of array storage.
  • Support Full Index
    Fast searching for many of data and be able to search from any source.
  • Capped Collection
    Delete the old data then replace with the new data. It’s suit for log because it will clear the too old data automatically.
  • Faster Performance
    Be able to write the data such as log faster when compare with InnoDB of MySQL.
  • Fast Extension
    Support for extension and over load.
  • Fast opening and editing data
    Because its data storage type is the structure type.
  • Store the data with GridFs System
    This system is the storage system that stores a file in a single of document and support for increasing and decreasing amount of data.
  • Writable the command set
    You can write the script in case of complicate process.

Package Cloud MongoDB Hosting

  • Cloud MongoDB 1
    • Diskspace 1 GB
    • Data Transfer Unlimited
    • MongoDB 1 Database
    4,800 Baht / Year Order
  • Cloud MongoDB 2
    • Diskspace 2 GB
    • Data Transfer Unlimited
    • MongoDB 1 Database
    9,600 Baht / Year Order
  • Cloud MongoDB 3
    • Diskspace 3 GB
    • Data Transfer Unlimited
    • MongoDB 1 Database
    14,400 Baht / Year Order
  • Cloud MongoDB 4
    • Diskspace 4 GB
    • Data Transfer Unlimited
    • MongoDB 1 Database
    19,200 Baht / Year Order
  • Cloud MongoDB 5
    • Diskspace 5 GB
    • Data Transfer Unlimited
    • MongoDB 1 Database
    24,000 Baht / Year Order
Cloud MongoDB Hosting Worthy efficiency, we provide more for you.


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