Log Hosting is to collect data usage of each computer

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Centralized Log Hosting

Centralized Log Hosting

Don’t worry! Unrevealed informationIt’s a service for server rental to file and save the traffic in computer. The traffic of information is a data’s route between two senders from one side to another side that what they use in one time such as what date they use, how long they visit website, what website they visit and what website they visit after that and so on.

The prominent feature of Centralized Log Hosting

Centralized log hosting is the data storage for all detail of each computer’s working both sender and receiver sides. When there is a data sending and receiving within computer system, this data is stored and saved as a log, by storing terminal and destination data, data route, date, volume, duration, kinds of service and other communication data of computer system beneath the highest efficient security system. For the reason of a log storage, is to accord with a policy and Computer Related Crime Act. B.E. 2550 which specifies that there must be the log working storage of computer every time.

Why must you use Centralized Log Hosting

Our centralized log hosting service can store and save computer traffic every time when there is computer working to avoid an offence following to a provider’s computer traffic storage act in 2007 which is legislated that “a provider must store customer’s data as much as necessary in order to identify the customer’s profile from the first day of service and must be confidential more than 90 days from the finished service, if any providers violates this section, they will be fined less than 500,000 baht, and if any providers violates to a judicial order”, they must be fined less than 200,000 baht and be fined less than 5,000 baht per day until they get within.
Advantages of our Centralized Log Hosting
  • The client can select centralized log hosting service for their suitable budget and is conflicted with Computer Related Crime Act. B.E. 2550.
  • Reduce the organization’s expense in log server purchasing and many maintenance costs.
  • Our centralized log hosting service is consisted of security system that supports data storage and the client’s confidentiality
  • Our centralized log hosting service is consisted of data backup system for data losing protection.
  • Storage management and computer traffic service is more convenient with our centralized log hosting service.
  • Our centralized log hosting service can save capital of data management and data storage.
  • Reduce some administration complexity because we always have our engineer team for client supporting
Who must use our Centralized Log Hosting
Every organization that use an internet which is apart from internet access in house, such as companies, shops, school, hospital, internet cafes, rented house and room etc. And the organization must not limiting number of servers and user. These organization needs to store data of computer workings such as terminal user’s working, route, date, sending duration, sending volume, internet surfing and linking.