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Cloud Linux Hosting On Cloud Linux server operating system โ€œHigh efficiency, smooth access

Cloud Linux Hosting

Regarding to the integration of Cloud server, update technology of Citrix and Cloud Linux server operating system, that is qualified to protect one websiteโ€™s problem to impact on other websites in the same server, that server is more stable than common OS Linux. It is suitable for a person who is experienced on web design and wants the best quality functions, support working of Ajax, CGI, Dreamweaver, Java Script, Flash, Mod_ReWrite, HTML, PHP, Perl, WAP (.WML) and XML, can manage via Plesk Control Panel and support working of open sources very well.


Cloud Linux Hosting Premium solution for business, Now!

  • Boost your business management high efficiently.
    Separated service system increases more speed and Uptime because this system is consisted of individual working. For example, if one service system is unaccessible, the others service system absolutely have no effect.
  • Link all databases
    Allow your organization to access and store all setup databases on Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL easily. In addition, it is adjustable to working suitability smoothly, conveniently and quickly.เธง
  • Virus protection
    Protect your website from virus in Real Time that can scan and delete all inboxes, outboxes and hosts.
  • Data Security
    Trust on data security measure with efficient Firewall.
  • Nonstop customer service
    We service daily, our clients can contact our staffs all 24 hours, no holiday.

Parallel Plesk Control Panel LinuxWith the newest version of Parallel Plesk Control Panel control and management system that is accurate, accessible, and save, it can boost speed and safety for your website, database and e-mail administration.

A world of Agility through Extensions

Deploy and manage new software products from Docker containers quickly and reliably
Integration with GitHub and Bitbucket to deploy apps and websites, from both local and remote Git repositories
WordPress Toolkit
Automatically secure and mass-manage all WordPress instances, plugins and themes with one powerful tool
Easily deploy apps in Ruby on Rails or Sinatra frameworks
Deploy, config and manage all your Node.js apps and more
Full protection for DNS data of hosted domains following the Domain Name System Security Extensions protocol
Multi Server
Centralized control over multiple accounts and subscriptions distributed across several Plesk servers
Forward server notifications to your Slack channels and stay up to date

Cloud Linux Hosting Packages

Cloud Linux Hosting Worthy efficiency, we provide more for you.


With Cloud Computing Technology

There will be not server and web hosting problem anymore with Cloud Computing Technology of CITRIX by taking a lot of servers to be linked together and substitute for some servers when there is some failure, and can automatically disseminate loading and traffic


Satisfaction guarantee

We guarantee on clientโ€™s satisfaction. We are pleased to pay back on 30 days, if you dissatisfy at our service. Start on the first day that you get the service.


Nonstop counseling service

If you have some questions about web hosting working, we have customer service and IT support for you all 24 hours.

Anti Virus - Anti Spam

No spam and virus

99.99% spam and virus are cleared up with our AntiSpam Gateway and Virus Gateway

Backup Solution

Backup system service

Data losing problem is cleared up with Snapshot backup system on Storage and daily backup system. You can comfort that the data is not lost and round-the-clock access


Unlimited number of subdomains

Unlimited number of e-mails

Unlimited number of FTP users

Unlimited number of databases

High Speed Internet

Data Center is located on ISSP, Pacific Internet, building of Communication Authority of Thailand (CAT) and KSC which is linked to an internet backbone that has 20 Gbps. It is located in the best working environment.


Services Level Agreement(SLA)

More confidential on web hosting efficiency with quality assurance that there is more than 99.9% Uptime.