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Hosting Solutions
Increase more opportunity to the business competition with efficient advantages for you, “The real businessman”.

Hosting Solution is a service that helps the visitor to visit your websites more and more easily, conveniently and safely. Moreover, it will help to relieve the content arrangement on your website with efficiently and credibly. Even, you do downloading to see the information and to improve the data with the least of time. It is proper to the information competitive business all the time for your supreme advantage and benefit of business.

Hosting Solutions New Choice for Hosting

Hosting Solutions is consisted in?

  • SVN : Subversion Hosting



    Unconcerned with source code collisionSupport SVN hosting system that is compatible with coordinated program development of many developers, teamwork programming. Sometimes, it is difficult to arrange source code due to source code editing many times, and the newest source code editing is not eventually coordinated to the other source codes or new functions. It causes the developers must use old source code version before editing, and then it is difficult to reuse the old source code version because every editing is not mostly backed up.

  • SEO Hosting : IP Class C (Multiple IP Hosting)



    Worthy efficiency, real SEO’s assistant!(Multiple IP Hosting) "Web Hosting Service" is invented for SEO masters or Webmasters who want personal network for SEO that is very accordingly qualified to SEO’s process (Search Engine Optimization) very much since SEO Hosting of Chaiyo Hosting is invented to be web hosting which have unique C Class IP Addresses for efficient working for the SEO master and the Webmaster.

  • Centralized Log Hosting



    Don’t worry! Unrevealed information It’s a service for server rental to file and save the traffic in computer. The traffic of information is a data’s route between two senders from one side to another side that what they use in one time such as what date they use, how long they visit website, what website they visit and what website they visit after that and so on.

  • VoIP (Voice over IP) Hosting



    Convenient, Clear, Free, and worldwide! VoIP Hosting is a telephone service via internet network that is considered as VoIP (Voice over IP) Hosting is a new technology in telephone service via internet network which is free and worldwide, but a destination user must link telephone to internet and must be the client of the service on same network as a terminal user.