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Colocation Server

Colocation Server is rental area service for server setting

Colocation Server is service for a person who has a dedicate server and can look after it and would like to set the dedicate server at Data Center so that links the server to high speed internet network and it is usable for web server, mail server and game server. By making a contract of rental area for server setting and paying monthly service charge that you can fully manage, control, edit or change to your server and server system beneath the a good environment and an excellent security system.

Colocation Server Trust on maximum security standard.

Trust on an environment control system

  • Nonstop air-conditioned system with working backup system.
  • Temperature control system at 22 Celsius (+/- 2) and humidity control system at 50% (+/- 10) all 24 hours.
  • An electrical backup system and an electric generator.

Unconcerned with security system

  • Round-the-clock security system.
  • Video camera system is linked to a control center.
  • Log limitation checking system.

Hearthwarming with fire protection system

  • Smoke detector and early warning system.
  • Air pressure and gas fire protection system. IDC (Internet Data Center)

IDC (Internet Data Center)

Pacific Internet IDC 155 Mbps speed for a foreign website (Network IIG) and 2 Gbps of a domestic website (Network NIX) or following to more foreign speed and network of Pacific Internet that is unlimited on data transfer. It is also have a voltage stabilization, an electric backup system, and the report of data transfer.
ISSP IDC Hight Speed 187 Mbps ISSP IDC 187 Mbps of speed for a foreign website (Network IIG) and 6 Gbps of a domestic website (Network NIX) that is unlimited on data transfer and have a voltage stabilization, an electric backup system and the report of data transfer.
KSC Data center service The server is set on large backbone of KSC where is consisted of domestic and international high speed linked network, the international linked network can support the highest speed to 700 Mbps via three routes and the domestic linked network can support the highest speed to 5 Gbps via five routes that can subrogate when one route is down. With the large network, the data transfer between data center and server’s organization is quick, stable and unjammed link, and support ordinary people’s both domestic and international website linking quickly and efficiently.
Colocation Firewall
Firewall is the function of computer and network protection from computer trespass of the outsider’s access and unnecessary internet access because the Firewall is set to obstruct data of unwanted resource. At the same time, it also allows necessary or involved data to pass through our computer or network. This data transfer on internet is a packet that comes from fragmentary of data, codes, requests, sender and receiver’s address, then it is input to the computers, during travel of packet from one computer to other computer may has hidden undesirable data, the Firewall will check packet’s abnormality in order to inspect that if these packet can input to the network or not.

Watchguard Firebox X 1250e Firewall Hardware



Security Features
Firewall Stateful Packet Inspection, Deep Packet Inspection, Proxy Firewall
Application Proxies HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, FTP, DNS, TCP, POP3, SIP, H.323, TFTP
Threat Protection Blocks Spyware, DoS Attacks, Fragmented Packets, Malformed Packets, Blended Threats and More
VoIP H.323. SIP, Call Setup & Session Security
Security WebBlocker, SpamBlocker, Gateway
  Deep Application Inspection Firewall
  DoS and DDoS Prevention
  Progressive DDoS Prevention
  Protocol Anomaly Detection
  Behavioral Analysis
  Pattern Matching Protection
  Malformed Packet Protection
  Static Blocked Sources List
  Dynamic Blocked Sources List
subscriptions AntiVirus/Intrusion Prevention Service (available in the Security Bundle)
Firewall Throughput* 1.5 Gbps
VPN Throughput* 260 Mbps
VPN tunnels (included/max)
Branch Office VPN 600/600
Mobile VPN IPSec 400/400
VPN Authentication yes

* Rate of Throughput is depended on environment and configuration

Colocation Price List
  • Size
  • Gigabit Lan
  • IP Address
  • Plug Outlet
  • Firewall
  • Free Service
  • Setup Fee
  • Maintenance Fee
  • Price
  • 1U
  • 1
  • 1
  • 1
  • Yes
  • 1
  • Free
  • 1,500/Month
  • 3,200/Month
  • 2U
  • 1
  • 1
  • 1
  • Yes
  • 1
  • Free
  • 1,500/Month
  • 5,500/Month
  • 3U
  • 1
  • 1
  • 1
  • Yes
  • 1
  • Free
  • 1,500/Month
  • 7,800/Month

* Size of rack 60 cm. x 110 cm. and size of 4.445 cm U1.

Colocations Optional
1 Gigabit Lan & 1 IP 600/Month
1 Gigabit Lan 550/Month
1 IP 300/Month
1 Power Outlet 500/Month
Firewall 1 IP 300/Month
Service Charge 500/Call
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