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Cloud Hosting is Cloud technology usage by linking many computers to work at the same time, then becomes a huge process data which is similar as a cloud has a plenty of vapor to combine in. Therefore, this process of the hosting is called Cloud hosting. When there is the process data, Cloud hosting will process data according to its workflow to finish. If one computer has error, one of the others will act for it to finish data processing.

That’s make the process data on Cloud hosting more perfect.

Cloud Technologyis consisted of three parts following by their usage:

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is basic structural services on hardware, storage, network and security system on virtualization that you can have dynamic resources allocation such as increase and decrease in CPU, hard disk, and RAM of visual server size. Chaiyo Hosting Company Limited has laaS service that is cloud server for cloud server renting.

Platform as a service (PaaS) is platform service for support hardware, operating system, database system and application working that the clients can adjust to their own working and can be manageable.

Software as a service (SaaS) is software service for users on website, the users must not buy software package and computer in order to install such as web hosting ready web, e-mail and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

How is Cloud Hosting good?

Normally, if the server has been damage or error, you have to call the technician to fix it. Then, you can use it again. But if you use Cloud hosting though, when server is error, the working system will be transfer to new serve immediately. You do not waste your time to wait to repair. Consequently, working’s website will be not interrupted, and can continue to work.

Why do you use Cloud Hosting ?

As the internet banking is more important, it needs more correction and credibility. If you cannot make own credibility to the clients, you cannot progress on social media. Although you know about advantages of Cloud hosting, but if you ignore it until your server has some trouble, you have missed a good business opportunity.
Cloud Hosting Services
Cloud Hosting Windows
"The highest stability, accessible, not failed."
Don’t worry about all server and web hosting problems with Windows Server 2012 operating system that run on update technological Cloud server of CITRIX, can support every language such as ASP, ASP.NET, Perl, PHP, C#, VB.NET, can support database of MS Access, MSSQL and MySQL and manage them easily by Plesk Control Panel.

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Cloud Linux Hosting
"High efficiency, smooth operation, not break"
Cloud Linux operating system’s qualify is to protects of one web to spread to the other web on same server. Support operation of Ajax, CGI, Dreamweaver, Java Script, Flash, Mod_ReWrite, HTML, PHP, Perl, WAP(.WML) and XML, can manage them easily and also support open sources’ working very well.

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Cloud Tomcat Hosting
"For real application developer"
Cloud Tomcat Hosting is run on update technological Cloud server of CITRIX that has important strong point is capable of absolutely working on JSP and Java Servlet. As your website is developed to work on JSP or Java, you should use our Cloud Tomcat Hosting.

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Cloud Ruby on Rails Hosting
“Stable, speed and support all functions”
RoR Hosting is run on Cloud server, update technological Cloud server of CITRIX that is suitable to application developers and application designers who want to speed and uncomplicated for easier and more independent design and development with high efficiency of the server, more confident by supporting fully working with Ruby and ready to Backup.

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Cloud MSSQL 2012 Hosting
"Solution for exceeding database management"
Cloud MSSQL 2012 Hosting is run on Cloud server, update technological Cloud server of CITRIX that help you manage and access to data exceedingly, speedily, and completely, help the organization to build and extent new solutions, and powerful data analysis for increase business opportunities and extent business size.

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Cloud MySQL Hosting
“High efficiency database, support open sources”
Cloud MySQL 2012 Hosting is run on Cloud server, update technological Cloud server of CITRIX that is designed and developed for support huge database, has new functions which more facilitated to users all the times along with improvement on working continuity for speedy working.

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Cloud E-Mail Hosting
“Don’t miss all communication, both private matter and business”
Cloud E-Mail Hosting, high efficiency Mail Hosting service on Cloud server can solve e-mail sending, you can always access to e-mail only link internet both internal department, domestic and international. Rely on data security because of Spam Mail protection system and Virus 99.99% which can support for iPhone, BB, Android, Windows Phone etc.

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