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Are you searching for an expert in Cloud Computing system? If you are, we can help you.
  • Cloud Computing is played a role and belonged to leading companies’ success because this system causes these companies have no more time wasting for software and hardware maintenance.
  • Cloud Computing is the most popular now because it can save both time and money, and also can automatically increase efficiency of the system following its function.
Cloud Computing system is divided to 3 kinds are :
1. Private Cloud

Trust on the highest data security measure. You can be unconcerned to security administration and the worthiest save a company’s IT resource because a person who can use Private Cloud Service must only be officers of such organization, then they have a right to access and administrate an organization’s customer, it is suitable for a business which need a high data security as both government sectors, private sectors and state enterprises.

2. Public Cloud

Independent and accessible to data from everywhere You can be unconcerned about the maintenance cost and the storage of server and own data, if your company and organization use Public Cloud Service. It can be shared resources and on-demand scalability only internet linking. Public Cloud Service is the worthy alternative for an ordinary people and a large scale industry, especially an organization which is Cloud provider or Public Cloud provider in order to support a business growth both now and in the future.

3. Hybrid Cloud

Worthy with efficiency that you can choose support more flexible of functions with balance combination of Public Cloud and Private Cloud, it causes data management easiness and in the same time it is high independent workings to each other because of flexibility workings, the workings can give many organizations to share data for maximum benefits together.


The difference of each kinds of Cloud computing system is depended on company’s requirement. Our Cloud expert can introduce installation and usability for you.

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