Additional Business service to facilitate client in every issue

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Additional services for our clients’ convenience.

Business is additional service that convenient for our clients, both the companies and the organizations in flexibility. It helps to reduce the process of administration that cause in quick and continuous administration of both business owner and customers. You can trust on many securities such as information on website, payment gateway, e-mail sending system, online SMS sending system and many junk e-mails, spam and virus protection for boost efficiency of organizations’ administration for their business growth and profit maximum benefits.


How is the Business service help to your business?

SSL Certificate

SSL Certificates Secure Socket Layer Protocol (SSL) is security system of data on your website. Protect the website from robbery of data.

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Online Payment

Online Payment Gateway Service via credit card can increase more orders for a business owner because it is addition more payment gateway for the customers’ convenience with this payment gateway which is based on credible security measure.

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E-Mail Marketing

E-mail Marketing service is News and E-mail sending service via E-mail to target customer group that can follow and process and result of E-mail sending thoroughly such as checking that if the receiver has received the E-mail or checking that if how many the receiver open e-mail on one day etc.

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We have SMS Marketing service that you can send your SMS Online via website to your customers’ mobile phone. With the easy, convenient and quick service, your customers will not miss all contact surely!

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Antispam Gateway

Double spam filter system will reduce 99.99% spam, your operation will be continuous, quick, and not waste time on deleting a plenty of junk E-mails by yourself, if you use AntiSpam Filtering Gateway that has high efficiency.

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Antivirus Gateway

Triple virus filter system will reduce 99.99% spam. Your computer will be safe from virus with AntiVirus Filtering Gateway that has high efficiency. You can comfort that there is no virus to bother you!

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